Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You can save money when hiring a car abroad

Travelers spend a lot of money on car hire service alone. At times they end up paying exorbitant amounts. Here are certain things to remember that will help you save money when hiring a car abroad.

• Inspect the car well before you hire one: When you hire a car be sure to check if it is in working condition and the interiors and exteriors are fine. If you find any problem in the car inform the car hire agent about it and clear out things. Many times travelers forget checking the minute details and end up paying a high price later.

• Return the car on the time specified: Return the car on time or you will be charged with late payment charges. To avoid such a situation always promise a time, which is more. Returning the car before time will not cost you anything but a late return will cost you extra.

• Hire the car on weekly basis: If you are hiring a car for a week or a few days less then it is always better to hire it on a weekly charge basis. Everyday car hire rates are much hire than the weekly rates when added.

• Return the car with a full tank: Most of the car hire services hire cars with a full tank. So make sure you return the car with a full tank or else you will have to pay refueling charges which would be two to three times more than the cost you would pay for one time refueling yourself.

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